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[February 06, 2018, 05:30:11 PM]

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Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: atsalis_p's Viper Pit
« Last post by atsalis_p on Today at 03:57:12 AM »
Thank you Billy, I just think it want fit with FCC2 that I use...  :smoking:
Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: atsalis_p's Viper Pit
« Last post by Predator on February 18, 2018, 07:05:50 PM »
Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: Henkie's pit
« Last post by henkie on February 18, 2018, 11:39:08 AM »
OK - the weekend was too short (as usual), and when making plans real life always seems to require changes  ::)
But I managed to do a visual inspection and a few measurements.
This SADI has a "tube cover" for the rear part and a separate "tube cover" for the front part. So, the mechanical stuff stays safely protected. I took a few pictures. You can see that the model is 10-0335-01.
Here are my notes so far.
  • PCB #1 (near the mechanical unit)
      etch says 70.1253  ink writing: 50.0137.07  IC: LM747 and 4 TO220 power transistors
  • PCB #2
      etch says 70.0719  ink writing: 50.0137  IC: ? (I cannot read it)
  • PCB #3
      etch says 70.1252  ink writing 50.189.01  ICs: two LM747
  • PCB #4
      etch says 70.1251  ink writing 50.13? (hard to read)  ICs: two LM747
  • PCB #5 (near the connector)
      etch says 70.1251  ink writing 50.139? (hard to read)  ICs: two LM747

My tests so far.
First I did a visual inspection for broken wires (especially at the joint on the PCBs. As expected, that all looks fine.
Then I connected power.
  pin A to +14.86V
  pin B to GND
  pin C to -14.86V

As suggested by Simtek, I measured at the black wire solder connection on PCB #1.
The voltage is -14.82V. After the diode the voltage is -14.05V.
So the wire is not broken, and the diode seems to be OK.

Then I checked the power supply on the LM747 ICs. Pin 4 is the -V power supply connection and pins 9 and 13 are +V power supply connections (but according to the data sheet pin 9 and pin 13 are internally connected).
On all PCBs (except PCB #2), pin 4 of the LM747 measures -14.04V, and pins 9 and 13 measure +14.15V.
As the IC on PCB #2 is unknown, I measured the voltages on all pins.
pin 1  -11.17     pin 8  -14.06
pin 2  -10.72     pin 9  -14.06
pin 3  -10.67     pin 10 -11.18
pin 4  -11.19     pin 11 -14.01
pin 5  -11.19     pin 12 -14.07
pin 6  -11.19     pin 13 -11.19
pin 7  -14.07     pin 14 -11.19

What strikes me is that on this IC all pins have a negative voltage ...

BTW, there are *no* trimpots on all 5 PCBs!

... to be continued ...
Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: Viperpit - TOR
« Last post by Kukki on February 18, 2018, 06:44:34 AM »
Hey TOR!

Woooooouue  nice to see you here again you lazy bastard  :harhar:  just kidding, nice to have you back again  :thumbsup:

Ies we are on a mission and 2018 IS THE year for your cockpit and mine too, sooooooooo get your finger out of the gaschaamber  ::)

Take care buddy  :beer:
Simulator parts by Kukki / Re: FULL METAL COCKPIT TUB
« Last post by Kukki on February 17, 2018, 03:29:28 PM »
Just what we have all dreamt for  :clap: :clap:

Is it "knock-down", for self-assembly -  or delivered as shown??


You will get a box with all the precut metal sheets
Then its just like lego 👍🏻😁
Simulator parts by Kukki / Re: FULL METAL COCKPIT TUB
« Last post by TOR on February 17, 2018, 02:18:51 PM »
Just what we have all dreamt for  :clap: :clap:

Is it "knock-down", for self-assembly -  or delivered as shown??

Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: Viperpit - TOR
« Last post by TOR on February 17, 2018, 01:52:46 PM »
Hi all!


Global Moderator, and not posting or responding to anything in six years  -  embarassing, to say the least!  :DOH:  Sorry Mike  :'(

Guessing that a lot more have joined, to build a dream - the ultimate F-16 simulator to be used at home.

I recall back some many years ago, that it was a struggle to get in contact with one of our pioneers - "Jason", who had made the finest plans on
how to build the pit in wood.
Luck struck me, finally - and I optained the finest plans to start building. It al went fine as I got the ribs etc. for the leftside all done... but then - adjescent to building,
the adventure of getting other parts, especially originals went into a mere new insane side-hobby.

At this time I have a lot of very nice stuff almost ready for the sim. Actually, my activity in here stopped with most of that stuff being accounted for  -  guess "the hunt" for stuff was bigger than the final idea!??  :reading:

Hope to be a bit more active in here, as my pit is "growing"  -  just the same as Kukki´s, as we are kinda´ doing the same thing simultaniously. Mind You, Kukki works FAST, and he is very impatient - especially with me  :rambling:

Kukki is on a lot..... check his tread for what we are doing. I am unable to post photo´s.

The build is Martin "Pegasus"-stuff...... "state-of-art", to say the least  :hail: :hail: :hail:

... an anekdote for y´all...

Got the "Center-Pit" from Martin back in 2016... lots of parts, some very important - some just for show. Mind You.... this section needs
aprox. 2.000 rivets!!!  :wacko:
... and I tell Ya´  -  in the delivered material/parts I only had to pre drill 10 holes to accept the rivets.

THAT´s the precision we like  :bounce2:

Have a nice weekend,


Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: Henkie's pit
« Last post by Willy on February 17, 2018, 11:38:04 AM »

Was it "Trim" pots or the Servo feedback pots.  I would guess it is the later based on what I've seen when I was at SimTek working with the techs to tweak up my instruments.  My FQI has a pot that is a bit loose internally that could use to be replaced.  It results in some very minor reading difference in the feedback loop depending on which way the pot is being turned to reach the null point of the loop.
Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: Henkie's pit
« Last post by Nigel on February 16, 2018, 08:50:27 PM »
David is right, we've repaired half a dozen of these. There used to be pics in my build thread but thanks to Photobucket they are gone. Let me know how it goes, i will be glad to help.
Viper Pit Progress Reports / Re: Henkie's pit
« Last post by lightning on February 16, 2018, 07:26:11 PM »
Hi Nigel,

yes, I got all GNDs connected to the power supply GND:
  B is the +15/-15VDC power GND,
  K is case GND,
  M is roll signal return,
  R is pitch signal return.
All tied together.

I also sent an email to Simtek, because I understood from a previous post from @Willy that those guys are really kind and try to help out a hobbyist.
Within 3 hours I had a reply from Simtek  :thumbsup:
He told me that the unit is most likely loosing the -15V, and gave me a few pointers to check after opening the instrument. I will do that this weekend.
That's what I call SERVICE (yes, with capitals)   :clap:

to be continued ...

Nigel and I have seen this behavior on many Simtek and AMI devices. IIRC sometimes it has been caused by trimpots that weren’t adjusted properly; other times it’s been caused by a bad trimpot or loose connection internally.  Should be an easy fix, whatever the case may be. Simtek has always been awesome about providing support and answering questions.
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