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Title: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: Kiwi on July 17, 2021, 03:40:24 PM
Hello people of Viper :clap:
and thanks for allowing me into this select circle of enlightened yet insane pilots!
I'm 30, live close to Dortmund, Germany and go by "Kiwi". I have been flying with the German 1st Glory Wings for about 9 years. I originally got hooked playing around in Allied Force and then BMS 4.32-4.35.
I have finally given in to my inner voice demanding an F-16 cockpit, so here we go.

What do I want to do?
I am leaning towards building a cockpit resembling a slightly more modern F-16 version than the often-seen blk52, i.e. in particular I am thinking about a version with a center pedestal display instead of gauges, as well as the ATD MFD-like RWR instead of the "traditional" RWR with the buttons separate from the round display. I just think it's more versatile and all around awesome. It will be mostly for BMS, but in case that ED will keep their promise and finally advance development of their Viper, this would be a welcome secondary option (in addition to, not instead of, BMS).

How am I going to do it?
While I have basically no technical or manufacturing skills, my dad does - he is an electrical engineer and will show me the ropes. Also, my brother is a developer who owns a big laser cutter - he will be of invaluable help both for parts and interfaces.

Where am I at?
I am currently evaluating what the best place to start is - from my point of view, I'd like to start with a wooden structure of the cockpit and then move on to the panels, display etc.

I have seen mentions of plans like those by Jason or Brenda but find it difficult to gauge which one may be suited best - as well as which ones are still available, i.e. are their creators still "active"? Any advice as to whom I should contact to purchase cockpit plans suited to CNC cutting would be massively welcome and will kickstart my project.

Looking forward to this journey.
Title: Re: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: Cupra on July 17, 2021, 03:47:45 PM
Welcome to the Nut-House....  :beer:

You know....

The best way to build it as close as possible wopuld be getting Martin`s consoles. And then start to build everything around that with material you want to. If you have the inner structure with alle the angles at the right position and other stuff, the rest is all up to you.
Title: Re: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: Rufus on July 17, 2021, 03:56:16 PM
Hello, and welcome!  You're in the right place for building a Viper cockpit, and it sounds like you have a great assortment of resources available to you.  I can also say that even though I'm an Engineer myself, I certainly have learned a great deal more than I knew (or thought I knew...) when I started... :whistle: ...

Jason is either very hard to reach or no longer active, but there are sources out there for tub plans - and even kits - if you search the web.  Brenda's plans are for the ACES II seat and very nicely done and available here - poke around in the Downloads section, as it looks like there may be  more than one version available the meantime you may want to look the construction manual over -;sa=view;down=75 (;sa=view;down=75)

Quite a few  people start with the seat  just because it's a straight forward build, and it can also look cool sitting in your living room once it's done, while you're working on other things...enjoy!
Title: Re: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: henkie on July 17, 2021, 03:59:30 PM
Welcome @Kiwi
Cupra's advice is a good one. Investment in Martin's  ( @Pegasus ) developed stuff is a good one, but will cost serious money. But let me tell you: it is not wasted money, it is worth it. It gives you a quick start on the construction, and will save you a year of work! And still, be prepared to build for several years on your pit.

I also started with nothing and bought Martin's pedestal together with left and right AUX panels. That is a great start, but if you plan on a large screen (as in Block 60) the center pedestal will be different.

I guess that much much much reading is required, and then draw up your plans and build strategy.
Having "handy" guys in the family with great tools is also a good start  :D
Try to make strategic decisions early on, and then try to stick to them ... it will be a difficult road ahead, but very rewarding. You will be proud to say "I built that"  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: salaxi54 on July 18, 2021, 12:45:50 AM
Welcome aboard! All the above are wise tips deffinitely. Most of the (valuable) time will be spent in studying and planning as experience says.
Title: Re: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: hy-fye1 on July 18, 2021, 02:14:13 AM
Welcome abort

Here you are in the right place :thumbsup:


Title: Re: Hello from Germany / 1st Glory Wings!
Post by: Snoopy on July 18, 2021, 02:41:03 AM
Hi Kiwi,

herzlich willkommen. But be carefull, once you are sucked in, you can't get out anymore.  :lol:

All the advice given is valuable. My advice would be two fold.
1. Read as many of the pitbuilt topics as you can. You can learn so much from them. I sometimes spend hours just studying all the photos. They will help a lot and give you some good adive.
2. Make a good plan before you start. If you start in one way, you are often stuck with that road. The only option will then be to start over from scratch. I am often to eager to start and have too little patience. Think before you start is most valid for the electrical/electronical design.

Good luck!
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