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BMS 4.33 issue.

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What happens if you change the 5 to 1 in the curPatch?
Do you get a different error?

You might consider re-installing.
See here :

No, I didn't try that, but that is gonna be next. Otherwise, I will have to do another dance and reinstall! Anyways, thanks for the suggestions and the link! I'll try them and see what happens, I'll let you know any findings!
Thanks again JJ

Well, I gotta say solving this issue was easier that doing one of the Falcon dances! I just didn't realize that the registry key was pointing to HKLM/software/Benchmark Sims/ Falcon BMS 4.33 (It was missing the U1 at the end) :brickwall: so I opened Regedit again, added the "U1" at the end of the registry key and voila!! It worked! :clap: I want to thank people whom tried to offer some insight on this issue, thank you! Hopefully my mistake will help somebody in the same situation!



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