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BMS 4.33 issue.

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to get started back again flying falcon after many years away from the hobby, and I installed BMS 4.33 U1 with all the incremental updates up to #5, but when I start the launcher I get an error message as follows:

"Could not open registry key HKLM/Software/Benchmark Sims/Falcon BMS 4.33 U1 error code 2"

I opened regedit, and tried to compare the same registry key with the one on BMS 4.32 which is also installed on the same machine, and looks like the registry key from BMS 4.33 is missing some lines. I also have installed an original version of Falcon 4, since 4.32 and 4.33 will look for it to get installed, but I'm being unable to figure out what's going on, had anyone else in this site ever had the same problem?
Any help you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!


Windows registry is a little funky with the 64bit/32bit stuff, did you check under the WOW6432Node? (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node)

Have you considered using  the latest version of BMS 4.36? They just released a new installer which is a lot more convenient. This will also add the firewall and anti-virus exclusions you need to run smoothly.


Hi JJ,

Nope, did not check under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node but what am I supposed to find there or what's supposed to be there? I did consider using 4.36, but I'm running Win& Pro (32 bit) and that's a no no for 4.36, plus I have to get a whole new computer setup for that. At this moment I'm running a Core I5 661 @ 3.33 Ghz with 16 MB of RAM, which is not even close to what 4.36 requires, for that reason is that I'm trying to run 4.32 (Which I have installed and works pretty well), but I wanted to go a step further and see if I could run 4.33 with the same setup. Any ideas?...

Oh, sorry. If you are running 32 bit windows, you won't have the WOW6432Node node.
Do you have a screenshot of your 4.33 registry entry?

Should look something like this
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Looks like it's looking for a specific registry folder : "Falcon BMS 4.33 U1"

Compared to yours, I only have 3 entries on mine, check the attached pic..


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