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Mustang 1-1:
This has nothing to do with bms, but I didn’t know where to post this. Has anyone ever heard of zedasoft? They seem to be a military/commercial orginazation who sell flight simulation software. Does anyone know if they sell to the public or how much there products are?

Mustang 1-1, I sent you a pm.

For flying with your Simpit... there are actual jsut 2 sims out there.. BMS and DCS.
All the other stuff is... too expensive, not available for public, not multplayer usable and so on... Searching for other stuff ist just waste of time.  :whistle:

The only other one I might think acceptable is Prepar3D...and it's a Lockheed product now, so it's probably the most complete/correct one out there.  Depending on what level you can buy in at.... :reading: .

Mustang 1-1:
They definently don't use p3d. Milviz does make a viper model for the sim which is military grade, I own one of their military trainers, a T-38C, after lots of emails and a big price. But P3D costs 60 us dollars so it can't be the sim they use in the big sims.


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