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So many problems with BMS. Here's a new one.

BMS has decided to unmap some keys on me. I am using a TUSBA for the Cougar Throttle - so I'm only concerned about the joystick. My Trigger's first detent and second detent are both mapped to first detent.

The crap configuration system for BMS won't let me assign the 2nd detent and just shows up as function not assigned when I try to map it to the trigger.

I've tried using the Pegasus BMS Key Editor but there is no documentation - so I don't know how to add the second trigger detent - take a look at the attached. How can I get this assigned without using the broken BMS setup menu, or some add-on like the excel spreadsheet.

How they can go on release after release not fixing this broken configuration process is a mystery.
Hope someone can help.

Try to map the second decent first, while holding the second detent then release it to the first detent. That always works for me

This isn't hard and it's not broken. It takes two hands. Open SETUP  and click on CONTROLLERS. Load your KEYFILE. Scroll down to FLIGHT STICK. Click on the Key box for STICK: FIRST TRIGGER DETENT. It will change color (barely). Squeeze the trigger slowly to assign it just till you see Button 1 activate but then DON'T LET GO. Hold it still in that position. With your other hand, click on the KEY box for STICK: SECOND TRIGGER DETENT. Now squeeze the trigger all the way to assign it to the second position. Let go, test to verify. If you blew it, do it again. Save the KEYFILE. Done. If this doesn't explain it enough, I'll make a video.

I use a trackball so I squeeze the trigger with my left hand and click with the right, it's easier for me.

You can also do it in reverse as Nomad says above, squeeze the trigger till its just past the first detent and click on STICK: SECOND TRIGGER DETENT and squeeze till it shows it assigned. let go and click on the Key box for STICK: FIRST TRIGGER DETENT and squeeze till it shows it assigned. Save and you are done. I dont understand whats so difficult, is your KEYFILE not showing this? Which one are you using as a default?
What BMS version are you on? The Key File Editor manual is in 4.36 /Docs/01 Input Devices/02 Key File Editor folder. User error doesn't make it crap. There's a learning curve to his program, it an be frustrating. But once you learn it, as with anything, it's not that hard.
If you need help, PM me and we can get on Zoom or Skype or WhatsApp or whatever and I'll walk you through it.


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