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Reading this discussion warms my heart!

When attending one of JJ's Cockpit meetings in the Netherlands, we had the opportunity to have similar mission planning and debriefs by former F16 pilots--- and have them fly in a BMS Falcon cockpit to give us feedback on where the sim was realistic, and where it lacked realism.

Keep up this work- many of us can build a nice looking cockpit, but lack the knowledge of real F16s operations.


--- Quote from: Sandman on September 15, 2022, 05:04:09 PM --- and where it lacked realism.

--- End quote ---

At least it lacked the moment where Dopey wanted to show some stuff with the TGP and found out that someone has placed a A-Model Grip in the 52 Jet... no DMS switch...  :yihaw:

Some POP-UP Practice.  I extended my FOV on my go-pro.  You miss the details of the HUD and MFDs, but the view looks better IMO.


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