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BMS Alternative Launcher Keybind Issue


Hello everyone,

In the Alternative launcher I can assign several of my controllers and controller board.  The assignments show as bound.  In the Windows Game Controller calibration screen all shows as expected.

In game though only the HOTAS will respond and sometimes one of the other controllers to inputs.

Any ideas what could be wrong?  I have deleted and reinstalled both BMS and the installer several times with no success.

Thanks in advance!

I havent tried this software yet but I'm about to, Ill let you know what I find. Also, have you asked on the BMS forum yet? There are probably a lot of guys there that use it and may be able to help.

Mustang 1-1:
Hey guys, I am sure there is a simple fix to this, but I have a real dogfight switch and in bms I press it to dogfight, then to missile mode, all good right? Well no, I cant get the switch back to center in the sim, it isn’t an input so for some reason so I am stuck on the modes. Is there a way to set this up somehow to where it works?

Try and set this in the configuration.
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Mustang 1-1:
Thanks! Will do!


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