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Author Topic: Measurement conversion help  (Read 10833 times)

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Re: Measurement conversion help
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2012, 08:13:17 AM »
      How Do You Write Ten Thousands Of An Inch?

Put very simply, you would write ten thousandth of an inch as 0.10. It can also be written as a fraction: 10/1000. There is often a great deal of confusion when it comes to dealing with ?tenths? of inches. The exact decimal length of all measurements tends to vary slightly depending on which context you are referring to. People often get confused because those who work in engineering and machinery have a slightly different way of saying one ten thousandth of an inch.
0.0100 is referred to as ten thousandth of an inch, however, machinists often refer to 0.0001 as a tenth. Another reason people get confused is because they refer to ten thousandth of an inch as one ten thousandth of an inch which is 0.0001. Traditionally a "tenth" of an inch is 0.1, which is correct for those of you who do not work in engineering. In manufacturing, a "tenth" is .0001" or one-ten thousandths of an inch which is shortened to a "tenth" for ease of referencing.
The American system of measurement, the Imperial system, often called the Standard English Measurement (SEM) is based on dividing any unit of measure in half instead of dividing a unit of measure by ten which is done in the metric system. The Imperial System commonly works with fractions but these can be converted into decimals but can only be broken down as small as sixty fourths.
If you hear ten thousandth of an inch being said and are confused as to what they are referring to, then put it into context and think about it logically. A newsreader who is quoting how much rain a State going through a drought has received is not going to mean one ?tenth? to be 0.0001 inches. It is all about switching the two slightly different meanings to suit the situation.

    It is all about switching the two slightly different meanings to suit the situation. :wacko:
    Is this not one of the most confusing measuring systems ever. :grumbl:

 PS:  This text is something I found on the internet.
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Re: Measurement conversion help
« Reply #16 on: March 24, 2012, 09:16:14 AM »
Let's talk about Farenheit degrees based on horse's blood temperature  :harhar: