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Author Topic: Viper Builder Database  (Read 11224 times)

Offline K-lu

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #45 on: May 20, 2011, 12:19:31 PM »
Désolé de pas avoir été au bon endroit.
Bonne suite a vous.
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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #46 on: May 20, 2011, 12:29:32 PM »
ViperPit User Name: K-lu
Name: Lucas
Country: Swizerland
Build Thread Start Date: no thread but conception start on 2008
Block: Modulable F-18E / C
Seat Design/Type: SJU-17 By me
Switch Electronics: N/A
Lamp Electronics: N/A
Gauge Electronics: N/A
MFD Electronics: Acctualy Thrustmaster MFD cougar
ICP Electronics: no ICP
Sim Software: FSX, Seven-G
Pit Software: ???
Tub Design (Plans):
Tub Material(s): Bye me
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): N/A
Pedestal Design (Plans): Bye me
Pedestal Monitor(s): N/A
Stick Mechanism: Acctualy FCC-2 but in the futur a personal mod
Stick Type: Acctualy HOTAS Cougat but in the futur a personal F-18 mod
MFD Type: Acctualy Thrustmaster MFD cougar
MFD Display Type: N/A
ICP Type: no ICP
Gauges Type: N/A
Panel Type: N/A
Pedal Type: Simped F-16c
Build Status: WIP
Primary Display: N/A
Video Adapter(s): N/A
Sim Computer: N/A
2nd Computer: N/A
Audio System: N/A
TrackIR (Y/N): Y
Unique Notes:

My thred on Checksix:

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Viper Builder Database
« Reply #47 on: November 01, 2011, 03:24:47 PM »
Well I guess its about time I did this  :lolsign:

ViperPit User Name: Deiceman1

Callsign (If Different): "Dice"

Name: Joshua Corio

Country: United States

Build Thread Start Date: 3/30/2010

Block: 50/52

Seat Design/Type: Not too sure yet. I am going to start off with building Brenda's seat, But I may build more from different plans.

Switch Electronics: Not Available

Lamp Electronics:Not Available

Gauge Electronics:Not Available

MFD Electronics: Going to use the ones from ThrustMaster

ICP Electronics:Not Available

Sim Software: Falcon 4.0: AF and will eventually switch to BMS

Pit Software: Not Available

Tub Design (Plans): Haven't chosen the final ones yet

Tub Material(s): Wood

Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): No

Pedestal Design (Plans): Not Available

Pedestal Monitor(s): Not Available

Stick Mechanism: Not Available

Stick Type: ThrustMaster FLCS

MFD Type: ThrustMaster

MFD Display Type:Not Available

ICP Type:Not Available

Gauges Type:Not Available

Panel Type: Most Likely going the home made route

Pedal Type:Not Available

Build Status: Switching from planning to building soon

Primary Display: hopping between 21" LCD monitor and a 47" LCD TV

Video Adapter(s):Not Available

Sim Computer: Gateway basic setup for now.... modifications later on

2nd Computer:Not Available

Audio System:Not Available

TrackIR (Y/N): No

Unique Notes: The whole goal of this project for me is to make it something the public can enjoy!

Offline GTGene

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #48 on: December 28, 2011, 02:16:59 PM »
ViperPit User Name: GTGene
Callsign (If Different): "Pagan"
Name: Gene Mohr
Country: United States
Build Thread Start Date: 4/13/2007
Block: 50/52
Seat Design/Type: My own design based on Brenda's seat.
Switch Electronics:Custom
Lamp Electronics:Custom
Gauge Electronics:Custom
MFD Electronics: Thrust Master MFDs
ICP Electronics:Custom
Sim Software: Falcon 4.0: AF and MSFSX
Pit Software: Custom, Open Falcon 4.7, DED Capture, MFD Extractor, Falcon Gauges, Joymapper
Tub Design (Plans): Jason's Kit
Tub Material(s):Birch Plywood
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): Yes, custom
Pedestal Design (Plans): Jason's plans plus some of my own
Pedestal Monitor(s): Not Available
Stick Mechanism: Cougar
Stick Type: Thrust Master HOTAS Cougar
MFD Type: Thrust Master
MFD Display Type: Multiple LCD's
ICP Type:Not Available
Gauges Type: Custom
Panel Type: Most Likely going the home made route as well as some of Mike's
Pedal Type:Saitek Combat Pedals
Build Status: Restarting after 4+ years of inactivity
Primary Display: 40" LCD TV for now and then projector to 100" wrap around screen
Video Adapter(s): nVidia
Sim Computer: Dell XPS 600 3.0ghz Dual core, 8gb ram, XP64bit.
2nd Computer:Custom built rack mount for handling custom programming.
Audio System:Pioneer SC07 receiver into 7.1 surround sound system
TrackIR (Y/N): Yes
Gene Mohr

Offline Blue

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #49 on: January 10, 2012, 04:13:41 PM »
my Pit in Process :beer2:

ViperPit User Name:Blue
Callsign (If Different): BlueEyes
Name:Dragan Obucina
Country: Germany
Build Thread Start Date: 27.11.2011
Block:52 D
Seat Design/Type: AcesII Plans from Speedone
Switch Electronics: Simple Solutions (Germany)
Lamp Electronics: N/A
Gauge Electronics: N/A
MFD Electronics:N/A
ICP Electronics:Simple Solutions, Reichelt Electronics
Sim Software:BMS 4.32
Pit Software:N/A
Tub Design (Plans):Martin "Pegasus" Schmidt
Tub Material(s):Wood
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): N/A
Pedestal Design (Plans):N/A
Pedestal Monitor(s):N/A
Stick Mechanism:N/A
Stick Type:Cougar
MFD Type:Cougar from thrustmaster
MFD Display Type:8" TFT from Vitrolight
ICP Type: Hispapanals
Gauges Type:N/A
Panel Type:Selfmade
Pedal Type:Saitek Rudder Pedals
Build Status:Tub and AcesII finish
Primary Display:LG 22.5"
Video Adapter(s):Zotac Geforce 550Ti
Sim Computer: i7, 8GB, Asus P8P67, SSD 120GB
2nd Computer:In Process
Audio System:N/A
TrackIR (Y/N):TrackIR 5 Pro
Unique Notes:
121st Grim Griffins

Online sagrzmnky

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #50 on: January 10, 2012, 11:22:17 PM »
I guess I can start filling this in now so here we go..

ViperPit User Name: sagrzmnky
Callsign (If Different): Grease Monkey
Name: Phillip Clark
Country: U.S.A.
Build Thread Start Date: 05/31/2011
Block: 50/52
Seat Design/Type: Brenda's plans
Switch Electronics: x-keys
Lamp Electronics:TBD
Gauge Electronics: TBD
MFD Electronics: Thrustmaster
ICP Electronics: Arends
Sim Software: Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.32
Pit Software: X-keys and AIC
Tub Design (Plans): Jason's "Killin" Stencils
Tub Material(s): Birch Plywood, and some MDF
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): Yes
Pedestal Design (Plans): Jason's "Killin" Stencils
Pedestal Monitor(s): LCD Chinatobby
Stick Mechanism: Ribbstick
Stick Type: Thrustmaster Cougar
MFD Type: Thrustmaster MFD
MFD Display Type: 7 " LCD VGA
ICP Type: Mikes
Gauges Type: TBD
Panel Type: Mikes " Ka-Bar03"
Pedal Type: Saitek Combat Pro
Build Status: In the Process
Primary Display: 32 " LCD TV
Video Adapter(s): ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Sim Computer: W7 64 bit / AMD Phenom II X6
2nd Computer: none
Audio System: Soundblaster 5.1 surround
TrackIR (Y/N): Y
Unique Notes:
« Last Edit: December 26, 2013, 09:07:16 PM by sagrzmnky »
Phillip "Grease Monkey" Clark

My build thread
Jason's plans, x-keys, glass CP, Mike's panels, Ribbstick..

Offline badboy31

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #51 on: January 11, 2012, 03:14:48 PM »
ViperPit User Name:badboy31
Callsign (If Different):badboy
Build Thread Start Date:November 2007(second pit)
Seat Design/Type:Ricochet/AcesII
Switch Electronics:NA
Lamp Electronics:NA
Gauge Electronics:AIC
MFD Electronics:Thrustmaster
ICP Electronics:X-keys
Sim Software:BMS 4.32
Pit Software:NA
Tub Design (Plans):Ricochet
Tub Material(s):plywood/alu./steel
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N):N
Pedestal Design (Plans):x-flight whit some changes
Pedestal Monitor(s):NA
Stick Mechanism:Homemade stickbase(Steel)+throttle
Stick Type: cougar
MFD Type:Thrustmaster
MFD Display Type:NA
ICP Type:Mike
Gauges Type:AIC
Panel Type:Homemade(for now)
Pedal Type:Simped F16+
Build Status:50%
Primary Display:AOC 24"
Video Adapter(s):8800GT
Sim Computer:intel core2 Quad core Q9300@2.5 GHz,3GBRAM
2nd Computer:NA
Audio System:NA
TrackIR (Y/N):Y
Unique Notes:

Offline deltadart

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #52 on: February 15, 2012, 05:07:31 AM »
ViperPit User Name:deltadart
Callsign (If Different):deltadart
Build Thread Start Date:NA
Seat Design/Type:mix between Brenda and Speedone
Switch Electronics:X-Keys
Lamp Electronics:TBD
Gauge Electronics:TBD
MFD Electronics:Thrustmaster
ICP Electronics:Homemade
Sim Software:OF4.7
Pit Software:NA
Tub Design (Plans):Killn
Tub Material(s):Should be wood
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N):Y
Pedestal Design (Plans):Killn
Pedestal Monitor(s):10.4+5 inch for HSI
Stick Mechanism:FCC3
Stick Type:Thrustmaster
MFD Type:Thrustmaster
MFD Display Type:8 inch LCD
ICP Type:Hispapanels
Gauges Type:TBD
Panel Type:Hispapanels and home made
Pedal Type:Simped F-16
Build Status:At the very beginning :DOH:
Primary Display:24 inch
Video Adapter(s):460 GTX
Sim Computer:Intel Core Duo E6850
2nd Computer:Athlon XP3200
Audio System:Logitech 5.1
TrackIR (Y/N):Y
Unique Notes:

Offline nighthawkf-117

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #53 on: July 15, 2012, 08:56:30 PM »
ViperPit User Name: NighthawkF-117
Callsign (If Different):Nighthawk
Country: United States
Build Thread Start Date: March 16, 2012
Block: 52
Seat Design/Type: Simhanger (speedone)
Switch Electronics: X-keys
Lamp Electronics: Open cockpits Output card
Gauge Electronics: Open cockpits I/O
MFD Electronics: Thrustmaster
ICP Electronics: X-keys
Sim Software: Falcon 4.0
Pit Software:
Tub Design (Plans): Xflight and Red Dog mix
Tub Material(s): Plywood, MDF
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): No
Pedestal Design (Plans): Xflight Red Dog
Pedestal Monitor(s): N/A Servo gauges
Stick Mechanism: Thrustmaster base and homemade force sensing
Stick Type: Thrustmaster cougar
MFD Type: Thrustmaster MFD
MFD Display Type: single large LCD
ICP Type: Homemade
Gauges Type: Homemade Servo and open cockpits I/O
Panel Type: Homemade CNC engraved
Pedal Type: Thrustmaster modified
Build Status: Tub almost finished
Primary Display: Projector
Video Adapter(s):
Sim Computer:
2nd Computer:N/A
Audio System:Creative soundblaster card and logitech speakers
TrackIR (Y/N): Yes in future
Unique Notes: Trying to keep it cheap and inovative

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #54 on: August 25, 2012, 08:50:26 AM »

ViperPit User Name: Cougar66
Callsign (If Different): Cougar
Name: James Elstak
Country: the Netherlands

Build Thread Start Date: Q-3 2009

Block : MLU

Viperpts thread :

Switch Electronics: Beta Innovations
Lamp Electronics: Beta Innovations
Gauges: Beta Innovations & Pegasus
MFD Electronics:Future with Beta Innovations's MM2
ICP Electronics: Future with Beta Innovations's MM2
Pit Software: USIM
Tub Design: Jason´s plans
Tub Material: Triplex
Pedestal: Pegasus
DED: Pegasus
Stick: Thrustmaster with FCC/3
Pedals: Helio's replica
TrackIR (Y/N): TrackIR 4.

Build Status: 10%

Offline leonpo

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #55 on: January 06, 2013, 09:41:40 AM »
ViperPit User Name: leonpo
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Leon
Country: Israel
Build Thread Start Date: 2010
Block: Generic
Seat Design/Type: G-Force motion seat
Switch Electronics: 3XPOKEYS56 2XBU0836X
Lamp Electronics:
Gauge Electronics: FlightIllusion F-16 gauges
MFD Electronics: Thrustmasters MFDs
ICP Electronics:
Sim Software:DCS
Pit Software: Own development
Tub Design (Plans): custom, attached in my pit thread.
Tub Material(s): Metal
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): N
Pedestal Design (Plans):
Pedestal Monitor(s):
Stick Mechanism:FSSB2
Stick Type: Hotas Cougar
MFD Type:
MFD Display Type: Kindle Fire tablet
ICP Type:
Gauges Type:
Panel Type:Home build
Pedal Type: SIMPRED
Build Status:Happy flying
Primary Display:3X32IN LCDs
Video Adapter(s):GTX680
Sim Computer:
2nd Computer:
Audio System:
TrackIR (Y/N):N
Unique Notes:

Offline clr4ils

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #56 on: March 17, 2013, 06:01:14 PM »
ViperPit User Name: CLR4ILS
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Seth
Country: USA
Build Thread Start Date: June 2012
Block: 52/ "60"
Seat Design/Type: generic aces II
Switch Electronics: Pokeys55, gutted X45, cheapo ebay usb controllers
Lamp Electronics: Pokeys 55
Gauge Electronics:22" main LCD screen
MFD Electronics: 22" main LCD screen, TM MFDS
ICP Electronics:POKEYS55, custom, Logitech G13
Sim Software: Falcon BMS
Pit Software:
Tub Design (Plans): Custom
Tub Material(s): OSB, plywood, License plates(HA)
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): Y
Pedestal Design (Plans): Kindle Fire as aux screen for CPD
Pedestal Monitor(s): Kindle Fire
Stick Mechanism: Custom force sensing
Stick Type: CH Fighterstick
MFD Type: 22" Main Screen LCD
MFD Display Type: 22" Main Screen LCD
ICP Type: Custom semi-Block 60 with G13 LCD
Gauges Type: 22" Main Screen LCD
Panel Type: 22" Main Screen LCD
Pedal Type: Logitech Driving Force Wheel pedals
Build Status: Current and every free second I have
Primary Display: [42'' Plasma 480p] [50" Plasma 720p] [40" LCD 1080P]
Video Adapter(s): 2x 9800 GTX
Sim Computer: Q6600, 3 GB Ram,
2nd Computer: Possibly laptop to run gauges, or second donor comp.
Audio System: Headphones, Logitech 5.1 system
TrackIR (Y/N): Facetrack NOIR
Unique Notes:

Offline Weezer

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #57 on: August 04, 2013, 04:36:46 PM »
Here's my data:

ViperPit User Name: Weezer
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Fredrik Enqvist
Country: Sweden
Build Thread Start Date: 2003 - 03 -09
Block: 52ish
Seat Design/Type:
Switch Electronics: X-keys
Lamp Electronics:
Gauge Electronics:
MFD Electronics: X-keys
ICP Electronics: X-keyes/Jays board
Sim Software: BMS
Pit Software:
Tub Design (Plans): Wombat
Tub Material(s): Plywood frame /Sheet metal skin
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): Y
Pedestal Design (Plans): Jasons plans (Sheetmetal)
Pedestal Monitor(s): 10,4 & 3,5
Stick Mechanism: Cougar SCC2
Stick Type: Cougar
MFD Type: Real
MFD Display Type: 8 inch LCD
ICP Type: Early Viperpanel
Gauges Type:
Panel Type: Early Viperpanels
Pedal Type:
Build Status: Back in the game
Primary Display:
Video Adapter(s): Asus HD7970
Sim Computer: Intel Core i7-4770K, 16 megs of ram
2nd Computer: My old computer
Audio System:
TrackIR (Y/N): N
Unique Notes: Working G-suit (Bricklayer system)

Will keep this updated as I grow...

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