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Author Topic: Viper Builder Database  (Read 12718 times)

Offline Rabbit

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #15 on: November 05, 2010, 05:53:51 AM »

I'm putting together a comprehensive database of the Pit Builders here on ViperPit which I will soon incorporate into the Pit Builder's Cross Reference. This information can be used by new and old builders alike when trying to determine which threads contain the information they require.

In building my database I began by going through the threads and filling out the details based on what I could find.  This included details like "type of electronics used", "tub material", "stick type" and more.  I quickly discovered after a number of them that the process would take far too long for me alone.


What I've done is put together a brief questionaire for all Builders with existing threads in the Viper Pit Progress Reports forum. Please fill out the questionaires as best you can, even if you stopped building your pit and sold it.  With this information I will provide a spreadsheet file to the community which can be used to provide a variety of details such as; Which Builders are located in my country, Who is using x electronics and Who is taking a break from building.  It can also help vendors determine product usage.

Just quote this message and modify the reply to this thread.  I will check it regularly and update my database so please don't PM me.  I`ll also go through some of the older threads which I know are no longer maintained and see how much info I can fill in myself.

Ok, here we go...

ViperPit User Name: Rabbit
Callsign (If Different):
Build Thread Start Date:02-2009
Seat Design/Type:accesII
Switch Electronics:none yet
Lamp Electronics:Mike's lightning sheets
Gauge Electronics:
MFD Electronics:samsung LCD 10.4"
ICP Electronics:Jay
Pit Software:AIC
Glass Center Pedestal:MFD extractor Tub Design/Type:Snowman
Tub Material:MDF 12mm / 19mm
Pedestal:MDF 12 mm
Pedestal Monitor(s):samsung 10.4"
Stick:Thrustmaster couger
MFD Type:thrustmaster
MFD Display Type:samsung 10.4"
ICP Type:Mike's
Pedals: saitec pedls from Paul blis
Gauges: :-( no real one's
Build Status:80%
Primary Display:LG 47"
Video Adapter(s):Nvidia 1024 MB
Sim Computer:home build AMD Cuad core, 500GB hd, 4 GB DDR,
2nd Computer:Pentium Dual Core 2GB DDR 250GB HD
Audio System:HGU 55 Helmet
Unique Notes:

If you have done multiple pit revisions please include details on your most current setup.  Mention previous info in the Notes. Please keep answers brief and to the point so they can be easily databased (please don't explain each component).

Also note that this questionaire is for Builders with current (or new) Progress Report threads.  Please don't fill it out if you're lurking or just thinking about building a Pit..

With this information Builders will be able to quickly locate any reference material they desire.

Thanks for your help!
Great balls off fire, Rabbit out

Offline Rayman

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #16 on: November 05, 2010, 06:39:12 AM »
ViperPit User Name: Rayman
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Raymond
Country: Netherlands
Build Thread Start Date: 18-07-2005
Block: 10/15 MLU-M4
Seat Design/Type: Own, I took all measures from a real seat
Switch Electronics: Betainnovations/rightside console completely on PHCC
Lamp Electronics: Betainnovations (to be repleaced by PHCC)
Gauge Electronics: Own design for PHCC
MFD Electronics: Betainnovations (to be repleaced by PHCC)
ICP Electronics: own on Betainnovations interface (to be repleaced by PHCC)
Pit Software: Ghost?s development (PHCC-IO, EHSI, ODED, ALR-69, eADI), F4IM.
Glass Center Pedestal: No
Tub Design/Type: Own design
Tub Material: MDF/Aluminium
Pedestal: Jason's design
Pedestal Monitor(s): 5" VGA (EHSI), 3.5" TFT (eADI), 5? TFT ALR-69
Stick: Thrustmaster Cougar + FCC2
MFD Type: Real MFD's
MFD Display Type: 2x 8" VGA 1024x768
ICP Type: Mike's
Panels: Mike's, real
Pedals: None yet
Gauges: Real gauges (converted)
Build Status: almost full working
Primary Display: Samsung 32" HDTV
Video Adapter(s): 3x Nvidia
Sim Computer: Intel core 2 duo
2nd Computer: none
Audio System: on board
Unique Notes: Classified
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Offline KK

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #17 on: November 05, 2010, 10:49:07 AM »
ViperPit User Name: KK
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Klaus
Country: Switzerland
Build Thread Start Date: 15.09.2006
Block: F-16C Block 50/52
Seat Design/Type: McDonnell Douglas ACESII
Switch Electronics: PHCC
Lamp Electronics: PHCC
Gauge Electronics: PHCC
MFD Electronics: PHCC
ICP Electronics: PHCC
Pit Software: OF 4.7 (F4AF) with my own PHCC interface program
Glass Center Pedestal: No, aaargghhh
Tub Design/Type: Killn's with some own improvements
Tub Material: 18mm birch plywood
Pedestal: Pegasus and real left AUX
Pedestal Monitor(s): why should we have a monitor here?
Stick: Cougar for the moment and later the real deal
MFD Type: Real bezels
MFD Display Type: still waiting for foil displays
ICP Type: Real S.D.I
Panels: Real
Pedals: Real
Gauges: Real gauges, trainer gauges, Pegasus VVI,AOA
Build Status: 65% done
Primary Display: An old DELL 17 inch crap monitor
Video Adapter(s): no idea I have to open the PC
Sim Computer: An old rubbish HP pavillon Pentium 4
2nd Computer: none
Audio System: on board
Unique Notes: no idea
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Offline Rebel

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #18 on: November 05, 2010, 11:52:51 AM »
ViperPit User Name: Rebel
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Michael
Country: US
Build Thread Start Date: 9/9/2009
Block: 50/52
Seat Design/Type: Modified from SpeedOne's plan
Switch Electronics: TBD
Lamp Electronics: TBD
Gauge Electronics:  TBD
MFD Electronics:Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack
ICP Electronics: TBD
Sim Software:  Falcon AF
Pit Software:  TBD
Glass Center Pedestal:  Not currently
Tub Design/Type:  Killn's plans with some modifications
Tub Material:  MDF body, plywood ribs, aluminum braces, plastic sheet floors
Pedestal:  Killn's plans
Pedestal Monitor(s):  none
Stick: Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar
MFD Type: Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack
MFD Display Type: None
ICP Type:  None
Panels:  TBD
Pedals: TBD
Gauges: TBD
Build Status: ACES II seat and Center Tub almost complete, Outer Tub complete except sills and skinning
Primary Display:  TBD
Video Adapter(s):  TBD
Sim Computer: 
2nd Computer:
Audio System:
Unique Notes:  Planning to incorporate functional flip-up pitots on the seat.  Full sim mounted on a base with casters.  Will soon be trading video/touchscreens versus standard switches/electronics.

Offline TOR

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #19 on: November 05, 2010, 12:16:30 PM »
Here?s my data... to be updated - haven?t got a clue about all the elctronic?s laying around  :-[

ViperPit User Name: TOR      
Callsign (If Different):
Name:  Gunnar
Country:  Denmark
Build Thread Start Date: Sept. 9th. 2006
Block: RDAF MLU-ish
Seat Design/Type:  Original, trash to be restored
Switch Electronics:
Lamp Electronics:
Gauge Electronics:
MFD Electronics:
ICP Electronics:
Sim Software:  OF, at this time
Pit Software:   
Glass Center Pedestal:  CPD-customer
Tub Design/Type:  Jason?s plans
Tub Material:  MDF-wood? for now!
Pedestal:  Original
Pedestal Monitor(s):  NA
Stick:  Original
MFD Type:  Originals
MFD Display Type:  B-Billion Model YN8088AV, 8" TFT?s
ICP Type:  Original
Panels:  90% in stock. 90% of those are originals, the rest are copies or lacking
Pedals:  None
Build Status:  50%
Primary Display:  Zepto 42? Full HD
Video Adapter(s):
Sim Computer:  Got one, dedicated to this all
2nd Computer:  NA
Audio System:  NA
Unique Notes:  It?s gonna be a blast... when it?s finished

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #20 on: November 05, 2010, 03:33:39 PM »
As a new builder this is great, even better if it included a link to each builders build thread. This way they could search the DB then go to the build thread of what they are interested in!


Offline Sherlock

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #21 on: November 05, 2010, 06:57:31 PM »
ViperPit User Name: Sherlock
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Rod
Country: USA
Build Thread Start Date: Nov 6, 2010
Block: 50/52
Seat Design/Type: Don't have one yet
Switch Electronics: PHCC
Lamp Electronics: PHCC
Gauge Electronics: PHCC?
MFD Electronics: Thrustmaster MFDs with MFDE
ICP Electronics: PHCC
Sim Software: AF now but who knows the future?
Pit Software:
Glass Center Pedestal: CPD (CPU?) from String, Creaseguard, Kabar and Lightning
Tub Design/Type: Killn's stencils
Tub Material: Plywood mostly with other (MDF?) as required
Pedestal: Plywood
Pedestal Monitor(s): b-Billion Model YN8088AV for MFDs/ Backup ADI and RWR still not purchased.
Stick: Thrustmaster Cougar
MFD Type: 800x600 VGA
MFD Display Type:  b-Billion Model YN8088AV 8" VGA TFT LCD VGA XGA Monitor
ICP Type: KaBar with Creaseguard electronics
Panels: Not purchased yet (except for ICP)
Pedals: Not purchased yet
Gauges: Not purchased yet
Build Status: Not started yet (still collecting parts)
Primary Display: Samsung T260, 1920x1200 26" TFT LCD
Video Adapter(s): AMD/ATI RADEON HD5770 (may switch to NVIDIA to run OF4.5/4.7) on Sim Computer; Radeon HD4850 on 2nd computer
Sim Computer: Self built (see notes below)
2nd Computer: Self built ASUS P4P800S based single core pentium 4 (old!)
Audio System: computer on-board audio at this time
Unique Notes: Collecting parts for center pedestal at this time. Hope to start cutting wood shortly.

Sim System notes:
GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
GIGABYTE Radeon HD 5770 Video Card
OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP 700W ATX Power Supply
Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8GHz Quad-Core Processor
CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Memory
Dual Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s Hard Drive
PLEXTOR 24X DVD/CD Writer Black SATA Model PX-880SA LightScribe
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Offline vito_zm

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #22 on: November 06, 2010, 01:56:41 AM »
ViperPit User Name: vito_zm
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Millert
Country: Poland
Build Thread Start Date: 2008
Block: B50/B52
Seat Design/Type: Own
Switch Electronics: OpenCockpits,MJoy,SimOUT
Lamp Electronics:
Gauge Electronics:  OpenCockpits,gauges-own design servo
MFD Electronics: MFDE
ICP Electronics: MJoy
Sim Software: AF,OF
Pit Software:MFD Extractor,HSC made by Codeking,SVMapper
Glass Center Pedestal:
Tub Design/Type:
Tub Material:
Pedestal: build by myself
Pedestal Monitor(s): 10.4'' CP,4.8'' HSI
Stick: Thrustmaster Cougar
MFD Type:
MFD Display Type: 2x 8'' LCD
ICP Type: build by myself
Panels: build by myself
Pedals: no yet
Gauges: build by myself
Build Status: in progress
Primary Display: 21''
Video Adapter(s): HD 3870,HD 3450,HD 4350
Sim Computer: IntelCore i7-920,Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R
2nd Computer:
Audio System:
Unique Notes:

Offline Sherlock

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #23 on: November 06, 2010, 03:55:07 PM »
Sherlock, could you please start a build thread so I can include your data.  I want to include these threads as points of reference.


Offline Strale

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #24 on: November 06, 2010, 09:02:36 PM »
Here's Mine

ViperPit User Name: STRALE
Callsign (If Different):
Country: ITALY
Build Thread Start Date: 12/22/2003
Block: 50/52
Seat Design/Type: TBD
Switch Electronics: BETAINNOVATIONS
Gauge Electronics: BETAINNOVATIONS
MFD Electronics: BETAINNOVATIONS (+ adapter board from Crease-Guard)
Pit Software: F4IM, USIM, DED Extractor (Pegasus), MFDE (Lightning)
Glass Center Pedestal: CPD
Tub Design/Type: LEAR SINGER F-16A Weapon Trainer Unit
Tub Material: ALU
Pedestal: PEGASUS Center Consolle
Pedestal Monitor(s): CPD
Stick: BLOCK 50/52 REAL STICK, GRIP and SSC Interfaced with MKI from AEROTRONICS
MFD Type: Real MFDs
MFD Display Type: 2x 6.8 FTF Display
Panels: REALS
Build Status: REWIRING
Primary Display: TBD actually running on a 22 Tft Display
Video Adapter(s): 1 x ATI HD4850X2 on main computer, 1 x Nvidia 8800GTS on second computer
Sim Computer: Intel Quad Core Q6600 on Maximus Extreme II
2nd Computer: AMD Dual Core on ASROK
Audio System: on board X-FI + Creative 4 speakers and surround system
Unique Notes: Classified
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Strale (Skype: Strale_64)

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #25 on: November 08, 2010, 04:09:08 AM »
Hi guys,

great initiative. The info is so big this is great as a reference. thanks for the initiative.
so i will try to do my little part here:

ViperPit User Name: Snowman
Callsign (If Different):
Country: Netherlands
Build Thread Start Date: end 2009 beginning 2010
Block: -
Seat Design/Type: AcesII replica mdf
Switch Electronics: 3 X-keys (CP/Misc), Arcaze board (audio1,audio2 and AVTR) and BU0836X (for rotaries in CP)
Lamp Electronics: AIC
Gauge Electronics: AIC (engine gauges)
MFD Electronics: Thrustmaster MFDs
ICP Electronics: Dritt
Sim Software: Falcon BMS
Pit Software: AIC software, MFDe
Tub Design (Plans): own design
Tub Material(s): MDF wood 12 mm
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): Y
Pedestal Design (Plans): alterations on stuff i could find ;)
Pedestal Monitor(s): sharp 10,4 inch
Stick Mechanism: FCC3
Stick Type: Cougar
MFD Type: Thrustmaster MFDs
MFD Display Type: Sharp 10,4"
ICP Type:h Britt
Gauges Type: MFDe and AIC gauges
Panel Type: selfbuild
Pedal Type: Saitek
Build Status: still working on new version
Primary Display: HD beamer
Video Adapter(s):
Sim Computer: i7
2nd Computer:
Audio System: headset
Unique Notes: CP: 3x  10,4" screens,  A-barnes based tub.

greetings Snowman
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Offline white-eagle

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #26 on: November 11, 2010, 05:58:28 AM »
ViperPit User Name: White Eagle
Callsign (If Different): Eagle
Name: Arend van Oosten
Country: Netherlands
Build Thread Start Date: long ago
Block: 52
Seat Design/Type: Aces II homemade aluminum
Switch Electronics: 3x xkeys, 2x BU0836x
Lamp Electronics: AIC
Gauge Electronics: AIC
MFD Electronics: xkeys
ICP Electronics: xkeys
Sim Software: AF, OF4.7
Pit Software: AIC, DedCapture, MFDExtractor
Tub Design (Plans): Own, Red Dog
Tub Material(s): MDF, aluminum
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): N
Pedestal Design (Plans): Climber
Pedestal Monitor(s): 10" TFT, 5" TFT
Stick Mechanism: FCC2
Stick Type: Cougar
MFD Type: Original
MFD Display Type: 7" TFT
ICP Type: Kabar
Gauges Type: AIC aircores
Panel Type: Homebrew
Pedal Type: Simpeds
Build Status: Almost done
Primary Display: 37" LG TV
Video Adapter(s): GTX275x, USB adapters
Sim Computer: Intel I7
2nd Computer: Intel Atom
Audio System: bass shaker
Unique Notes:

Offline lightning

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #27 on: November 11, 2010, 02:58:51 PM »
ViperPit User Name: Lightning
Callsign (If Different):
Name: Dave
Country: USA
Build Thread Start Date:  April 18, 2007
Seat Design/Type: real ACES II
Switch Electronics: PHCC, Beta Innovations, PHCC
Lamp Electronics: Beta Innovations
Gauge Electronics: Analog Devices, BetaInnovations, PHCC
MFD Electronics: Beta Innovations Plasma MM2
ICP Electronics: Beta Innovations Plasma MM2
Pit Software: 100% Custom
Glass Center Pedestal: removable
Tub Design/Type: USAF Cockpit Familiarization Trainer
Tub Material: Aluminum
Pedestal: Real
Pedestal Monitor(s): 3.5" TFT in the EHSI (when installed), 10.4" in CPD (when installed)
Additional Monitors: 5" LCD for HUD, 4.8" LCD for ATD/RWR (when installed)
Stick: real Block 50
MFD Type: real bezels
MFD Display Type: TFT
ICP Type: Real
Panels: Mostly Mike's, with a few real ones
Pedals: Real
Gauges: Simtek, Malwin, AMI, Astronautics
Build Status: bockpit is disassembled, all parts are packed in boxes
Primary Display: 6 projectors (planned)
Sim Computer: nVidia 680i mobo, nVidia 8800GT video cards, 3H2Go, TrackIR
2nd Computer: single-board computer for CPD
Audio System:
Unique Notes: Long on parts and code, short on time.

Offline AJ212

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #28 on: November 15, 2010, 08:16:11 PM »
ViperPit User Name: AJ212
Callsign (If Different):
Name:  TT
Country: Austria
Build Thread Start Date: September 2007
Block: F-16C Block 50/52
Seat Design/Type: Replica (with original parts)
Switch Electronics: BetaInnovation GammaRay V3
Lamp Electronics: BetaInnovation E-Flux => Lo-LED64
Gauge Electronics: BetaInnovation E-Flux => Dx-10 8bit
MFD Electronics: BetaInnovation Plasma MM2
ICP Electronics: BetaInnovation Plasma MM2
Sim Software: Falcon 4.0/OF4.7 (under construction MSFS2004, FSX)
Pit Software: BetaInnovation
Tub Design (Plans): Replica (Killn's Cockpit stencils)
Tub Material(s): Wood
Glass Center Pedestal (Y/N): YES
Pedestal Design (Plans): Replica by Martin 'Pegasus'
Pedestal Monitor(s): 10.4" CP, 5" HSI, 3.5" BADI, (HUD w/ display under construciton)
Stick Mechanism: FCC2 by White Eagle
Stick Type: Hotas Cougar
MFD Type: Real
MFD Display Type: 6,4" TFT
ICP Type: Replica by Ka-Bar03 & Crease-Guard
Gauges Type: BetaInnovation 8bit Gauges
Panel Type: Replica by Ka-Bar03
Pedal Type: Replica
Build Status: 85% complete
Primary Display: 'pending'
Video Adapter(s): 2x ATI 5850, 2x NVidia GTX 450
Sim Computer: QCore IP Win XP
2nd Computer: DCore IP Windows 7 (networked - for CP Displays only)
Audio System: big bigger biggest - status 'pending'
Unique Notes: I was told it's gonna get expensive
AJ212 - Pit Project Status:

- - - Almost done yet - - -

Offline Flareless

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Re: Viper Builder Database
« Reply #29 on: November 20, 2010, 08:01:43 AM »
Thanks again guys, this is very helpful!

I've added one more field (thanks Kukki!); TrackIR (Y/N).

Please keep them coming!
Blue Skies,

Lower West Side Studio