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Author Topic: MailMan Selling Part of Pit because of room constraints  (Read 296 times)

Offline MailMan

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MailMan Selling Part of Pit because of room constraints
« on: May 28, 2018, 09:36:49 AM »
Hey fellas.  Sorry it's been a bit since I have updated you.  Here is what is going on.  I have been working on rewiring my forward section of my pit.  Almost done with that.  I have to move my pit to another room, so I am preparing for it.  Unfortunately, the room I am moving to will not be able to accommodate the entire pit.  So, I am going to be selling my entire left and right console setups.  All the panels (from Viper Panels), switches and rotaries and indicator lights from the UHF panel to the test panel on the left, and the Sensor Power panel to the O2 Regulator panel on the right, includes the UHF board from Lightening.  Also includes all the metal backing plates and the panels can be back lit.  I am keeping all the forward and both aux panel setups.  My wiring was very amateurish, so my suggestion would be to do your own wiring.  But I will cut the wires so there is plenty of length if you decide to use them.All the switches and rotaries work except for the ones not implemented.  As far as controller boards, I am keeping what ever I need to operate the aux and forward sections.  I will also include all the diodes required with X-Key Boards.  I will ship it with everything mounted to the top of each box.  Basically, I will take the tops off and leave everything attached.  If you want the whole box it will take me a bit to find sufficient boxes.  Pictures attached.
MailMan Selling Part of Pit because of room constraints
MailMan Selling Part of Pit because of room constraints
MailMan Selling Part of Pit because of room constraints

PS:  I modified the back of the Aux Comm and Manual Trim panels when I tried to back light them.  The back lighting worked but interfered with the switch operation, so I removed it.  I just removed a layer of the plastic.  I accidentally cracked the UHF panel.  I glued it with a good plastic epoxy.  You can barely see the crack.  Did not effect the use of the UHF board behind it.  Not all the switches are the exact duplication.  Sorry, I refused to pay 40- 50 dollars a switch.  But all the toggle switches work great.  I did use a spring loaded switch for the engine start switch.  The red switch guards are not exact duplicates of course.  But they worked great after some small modification.  I am also going through a couple of boxes of stuff left over.  If I find any spare stuff I will throw that in.  Mike sells his panel set with back plates for $1325.00.  If you minus the panels for the aux and forward areas,  you are talking roughly $1100.00 worth of panels and back plates here.  If you were to buy each panel individually and a set of back plates, it would be roughly $1490.00

I am asking $1000.00 plus shipping.  I will accept an honest offer after I think about it.  A lot of time and work when into researching the best deals and prices.  You will save many hours.  And no dust on the panels  :)

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Re: MailMan Selling Part of Pit because of room constraints
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2018, 01:44:14 AM »
so what is all included?

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