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F-16 pit and X-Plane

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Now that my pit is quite complete I have a lot of people asking me to try it.
As I only have BMS installed, I used to show the pit with that software.

I have noticed that, while the experts like it as it gives you a 100% working cockpit and a true flight model, people with no flight experience only see the old graphic engine and not all the pit working functions.

Therefore I'm evaluating the possibility to install X-plane and to use it just to give an eye-candy experience.

I have searched here on VP and also on x-plane dedicated forums but I have found only old informations.

Does anybody know if there is a credible F-16 for x-plane 10 that could export MFD and CP gauges on secondary monitors?

If I remember well AIC software works with X-Plane so I think I could have all the other instruments working...

You are flying stock Korea operations theater then I assume? And what graphic settings?
With some minor mods (skins), and a nice theater like Battle for Balkans or Aegan, you already get a much nicer experience in BMS.

I usually flight KTO and Balkans (V.3 completed with a fully working campaing made by a friend).

For the show I use a special Balkans version with airports and towns made by Nove and I use to fly from Aviano or Rivolto to Venice that is very well done and easily recognizable by my italian friends.
Even with all these stuff, for people accustomed to xbox or Playstation games, the graphic looks really poor and dated.

I think X-Plane could improve things a little...

I would also love to see the real world when flying around.  But the pilots who tested my pit were amazed of the quality they saw in BMS.. They all told me :  "In real we don't see that quality of ground textures " .

Offcourse the buildings etc when we are near the ground looks 1990..  But for sim flying i think we should not bother too much about the ground graphics. The functionality is according me much more important. And when we wait 5 years we use google maps :)

JJ I agree with you.
Infact I have no intention to flight something different from BMS!
It's just for non pilot guests...


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