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Lockheed Martin Prepar3D?

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Have som one sjekk this out?

I have a pair of 3D glasses that I picked up at I/ITSEC that work great with that video.
I got them from the C-T-S booth.

I realize I'm digging up a super old topic, but has anyone tried Prepar3D recently?

I just got a copy of P3D V2 and the visuals are outstanding.(with a couple bolt on software packages like Rex4

I haven't had time to mess with pulling gages for secondary screens yet, but it looks like some of the BMS functionality is still there (granted it looks like there's more support for the F/A-18 fans than F-16 sim drivers)

Haven't seen much from Benchmark in over a year in terms of development, so I'm wondering if switching to a paid software might have better longevity.

Realistically, I'll probably continue to use BMS for F-16 sim specific work since so much of the development and add on software has already been created, and I don't have the skill set or time to develop my own for P3D. But P3D will probably become the stand-in when friends or I want to fly and see something "pretty" or fly the latest and greatest in the USAF arsenal.

....hhhhhmmmmnnnn.... :notes: ...can us hobbyists get "combat capability" with Prepare3D?  The licensing is a bit too tricky to get a clear picture from...


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