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Hello from Kent, UK

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Just starting out on the SIMPIT journey.

K40 ready and raring to go - panels a plenty
Resin 3d printer for all the knobs and accessories
Cougar MFD and a recently acquired Cougar Hotas with f-16c SSC

Am going to be on the lookout for dial sizes, panel plans and the basic frame for Left, Right and Centre.

Thanks in advance for any help.



--- Quote ---K40 ready
--- End quote ---

What is K40? All I know is WD40.

Hi Mark,

welcome here. You seem to be well prepared with tools for this job. :-)

Have fun, and keep reading old posts. Great information is hidden deep in the forum. I thought I had read most of it, but many times (just after finishing a part) I still find post with information and pictures that would have been a great help. pays of to just go on fishing expeditions into the deep caves of the forum.  ;) :thumbsup:

@KK  K40 is a laser cutter which can be used to make very nice panels.

Welcome to the Asylum!

Welcome aboard!


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