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September - When designing my backplates I first considered the functionality needed for the panel and then determined the make and model of the switches to purchase. Toggle switches, Rotary switches, Potentiometers and Pushbuttons typically have a spec sheet identifying diameters needed for the backplate. The specifications will also show how the component is to be "locked" in place which is done with smaller holes or slots that orbit the center hole. These holes allow a pin or locking ring to hold the switch in place and prevent it from turning.

This month I am including a component template that I used when designing my backplates. It contains the hole patterns for all the components I'm using for my panels. If you want to use any of these hole patterns you can simply copy them to your backplate file and position them to fit your needs.

I've left the hole dimensions showing in green text which will be useful if you are hand drilling these holes, otherwise the this text can be removed if using a CNC for cutting.

I plan to elaborate further on backplate design and fabrication in a future post. See the second post above in this topic for the attachment.

Didn't notice that the article before. About knob selection was very detailed. I said why many builders' knobs stick are very long. Look forward to the following works. :)


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