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10 Years In

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10 Years In
This month (June 2022) marks my 10th year on Viperpits and building of my F16 simulator.
When I started collecting parts and researching all things F16, I figured it would be a very long journey toward a fully completed F16 simpit… and I was right.

In 2012 I had already been flying the DCS A10C for about two years and reading their home cockpits forum. This was the standalone A10C, pre-DCS World. The A10C was (is) a lot of fun to fly and when I discovered that a home-built cockpit could be integrated with DCS World, I was immediately interested. For two years I researched the A10C builder information and made some early attempts at panel building and even created and sold some A10C Caution panels. The builder community for DCS was pretty new at the time with no replica parts available for purchase.

I discovered ViperPits and soon after decided to switch my build over to an F16. I thought the F16 would be a much easier build that an A10 – and ViperPits already had a huge community of helpful, experienced builders as well as a great deal of F16 information.

Over the years I’ve been able to collect some really nice F16 parts and purchase some great replica pieces. When I discovered Martin’s amazing catalog of F16 replica parts – I started adding these to my plans. And today these parts form the core of my cockpit. Martin’s recent LAN boards are now bringing the cockpit to life. I collected a full set of Cage's fantastic panels and I’ve also added some wonderful parts from Kurt’s RealSimWorld, including an ICP, ACES II parts and a full set of knobs.

As a Thank You to everyone who has helped me out over the years and for the new builders just getting started – I wanted to do something special to commemorate my first decade of building.

Every month for the next 12 months I am planning to post some special content right here in this post. I hope you will all enjoy.

- John

Check back here every month for new content & downloads.

June - TM Cougar Throttle upgrade (hall-effect)
July - TM Cougar Radar Cursor Replacement
August - Rotary switch configuration and Backplate attachment
September - Panel switch hole template (mm)

Wow @JCook 10 years already! Tempus fugit (time flies) unlike our sims  :harhar:

July - Eventually updates or replacements are needed for the Cougar HOTAS. The mini-stick (radar cursor) loses accuracy over time. Creating dead zones for the X/Y axis can help, but the better solution is replacing the part. This month I’ve attached my tutorial for performing this upgrade. See 2nd post in this topic for the attachment.

August - Creating panels and backplates to support switches, potentiometers and rotaries is a major part of building the pit. For my August tutorial we take a look at configuring and attaching rotary switches to the backplate. See the second post above in this topic for the attachment.


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