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Greetings gentlemen!

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Hello to everyone!

I'm a returning Viper pilot but might as well be new.  Played Allied Force back in the day, wasn't quite aware of Falcon 4.0 when it launched but I do remember seeing a very cool poster for it.  I would say my first serious sim was Jane's F/A-18 although I didn't really play it seriously.  BMS is my sim-of-choice as I really like the dynamic campaign but I do have DCS and the DCS Viper as well as other modules for when I just wanna go sight-seeing.

My current setup is a big 4K screen and a couple of touchscreens for Helios.  I've recently acquired SimGears ICP and really love it, I should have a switch box from Sebastian/PSM coming soon, and I got Tejay's F-16 plans.  While I don't really intend on making a replica simpit, I do like having physical switches and buttons if possible as the SimGears ICP has been a game changer as far as I'm concerned!

I'd appreciate some help and patience as I find my way around this big website and look forward to going down this rabbit hole!

Blue skies!

Hi Atlas, welcome here. Another user from the old games returning. great!

Hope you find information (it is often buried real deep) and inspiration here. But be warned that it is addictive....

Welcome to VP! Check it out, study an read before deciding what way to proceed with your pit, and ask around. All kinds of builders and all kinds of pits here. From desksetup, through the Aker-Barnes version, to almost real metal replica's and trainers.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the nut house :)  :notes: :vprules:


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