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Old Dutch sim pilot

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John van der Ven:
Hello all

i am a old Dutch guy who did fly Falcon 4.0 like 10-15 years ago

was part of the
Lowland Display Tigers.
going airshows and had a great time at the Twente Airbase Squadron anniversary.
last party befor they closed Twente Airbase.

87th VFW Stray Dogs.
training and flying missions online.
need to learn it all again but it wil be fun.

now with DCS and being retired i thought why not build my old dream.
talking with Tejay for the F-16 Hull and seat plans.
hope to start building soon.

mean time i am doing 3d work on creating my own panels
not that good at doing electronics but still gonne try

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Hi John,

welcome here. There are quite a few of us Dutchies over here. There is also a huge load of information buried in the crypts of this forum. Even after years I still keep discovering old posts with useful information.

Good luck with your pit!

Hi John,
first welcome!  Since you are retired, you will have a lot of time to spend on your new (old) dream   :D
Start spending some of that time reading through several build threads in here  :reading:

Given your skills, you might be able to do everything yourself, but only Methusalem got really old  :whistle:
So, make a choice of things you want/can/plan to do yourself, and (if available) let some money take care of the rest. You can find in this forum virtually all you need to know to start building, either by throwing lot of Euros at it, or build a "poor-man's" pit from "junk". For inspiration, check out @salaxi54 's thread. He does amazing things with "rubbish".

Anyway, looking forward seeing pictures  ;D

Welcome to Viperpits. I hope you will have lots of fun here.

There is a lot of information here. So have a good look at the possibilities.

However, these days I see a lot of new people here trying to re-invent the wheel and are basically working on similar projects rather than teaming up. It is great if you have the skills to design and make your own panels and if for you that is also part of the fun, then by al means continue making your own panels. However you can save time and developing money getting what is already available. For the panels, @Knight here on VP is making a lot of effort, so may I suggest you have a look if what he made can be a solution for you.  :flipacoin:


Welcome to VP John, and good to see an old Straydog here  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Have a lot of fun and go build your dream my friend.


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