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Helios user but is there better?


As I begin to transition my "all purpose" sim pit to a dedicated Viper pit, I am looking at different means to project more display ports.

I currently use Helios and project my MFDs, RWR and DED. But I have run into an issue that the Helios modules do not contain exports for many other instruments that I will need as I transition from a functional pit to a replica pit. Does anyone have a solution for this? Another export software perhaps?

If I continue to run Helios, for some instruments, how would I integrate devices from Pegasus or other vendors? Is there one system that will run those and also project viewports to screens behind the panel?

I also use DCSBIOS for panels from TekCreations and have read another thread that there may be a conflict between Helios and DCSBIOS.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am new to taking this pit to the next logical evolution. Which means I have no electrical circuit knowledge beyond the USB plug and play or and binding peripherals.

I highly recommend the LAN board solution from Pegasus. As far as integrating with video output, this is separate.

I believe BMS has some built-in video extraction capability and there are some tutorials on the DCS forums for video redirection with the lua scripts.


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