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I'm running the current version of DCS World Open Beta.  I have installed PSCockpit v1.0.4 for my ICP and Mainboard.  I current have 2 buttons mapped for the ICP in the PS Command Menu (for initial testing).  In IO Layout-> Test->Test Commands I get both the buttons to show the keyboard button I assigned to those two individual IDs.  I have also gone through and configured DCS per the "How to Use PSCockpit for DCS" instructions.  When I "Run" or "Launch" DCS world via the PSCockpit app, I get "Error 76 LuaExportDCS subroutine" at the bottom of the app.  I can click "Clear" and get it to clear but it comes back each time.

Now when I get into DCS I can't get the controls to recognize the two bottons that I mapped in PSCockpit in the DCS "Controls" Menu or while in the game/jet.

Has anyone experience this or know how to get the game to recognize my ICP?  Thank you. 

So I found the first issue.

1. PSCockpit is not meant to be used with DCS World Open Beta.  The LuaExportDCS  text file is not written in this version of DCS in the Logs folder.
2. I encountered an error where the PSCockpit app would on see "Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Log and the file would add LuaExportDCS right after the word Log without adding a (\).  I had to manually add the \ in-between the two like this: Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Log\LuaExportDCS.  Now when I click on Run the PSCockpit app now shows "Running...." at the bottom.  Yeah!!

The issue I still have is that I can not assign an ICP keystroke in the game even if I assign it in the PSCockpit add.  I'm stuck but I'm still working through it.  Hope this helps someone else out there.  I'll update this thread if I get it working.

Hi Viper,

I also have the same problem with pscockpit in DCS. PScockpit doesnot work at all with DCS whatever I try.

Is anyone running PSDisplay&Gauges with DCS Open Beta and getting it to work?  I've been trying to get mine to work for months.  Shep has also been helping but I thought I would reach out to the community to see if there is a magical answer out there...?  Thanks.

I’ve been trying to get display gauges to work with BMS 4.36 with no luck. Thinking I might have a bad display gauge board. Green led won’t come on either.


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