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Question - ramp start & pinky switch

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Hi guys,

A question about ramp start and the throttle pinky switch.
I didn't make a switch for the pinky switch because I thought there is no need for that.

Now when I ramp start in BMS,  it's seems that there is a command that operate the pinky switch.

I'll appreciate if you can share info about it.


Red Dog:
Always been one. and It's misnamed making it confusing.

I's there for those regular desk users who don't have the rail notches on their HOTAS. They need to press the button to start or shut off the engine
If you have a throttle rail, you don't need to use it as you enable the realistic behaviour in the BMS config, then using the throttle handle course to start or shut off the engine.

For us having a throttle rail, there is no need to wire that pinky, Its action is purely mechanical to allow the handle to be raised just a bit to enter the throttle gate zone when going forward and allowing the throttle handle to rotate fully up to go into the cutoff area when going backwards (to shut the engine down)

If you use that config code with a standard hotas then you'll probably shut the engine in flight by lack of stopping point between idle and cutoff. That stopping point is the idle detent callback made in software
regular hotas: don't enable the config and use the callback for idle detent of the hotspot on the pinky switch to start/stop the engine
pit user: enable the config and set the red and green line on your BMS setup controller screen and ignore the idle detent callback and hotspot on the pinky

Where the hell is a pinky switch on the Throttle? I do not have one.. and I never had one.. neither in pit or on desktop. I just now a pinky switch on the stick...  :-\

@ cupra for pinky switch read "cutoff release"

Its acutally called pinky lever sometimes.


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