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For those of you old enough to remember I'm the author of the UCC. The UCC drove many cockpit systems back when there was not a lot of such systems available in the prehistoric times of cockpit building :)

Nowadays with more ppl using both DCS and BMS in their cockpit I wanted to try to make cockpit interfacing with both sims much easier than what it is.
In that idea I created a program that collects information from DCS and translates them into a format readable by BMS cockpit utility.
Basically the DCS variables populates the BMS shared memory which in turn is read by cockpit hardware

This should make cockpit interfacing much easier (at least I hope)
At this time I concentrate only on the F-16

The software is called "DCS to F4"

It's far from being finished and I need some help from testers on several points if you're willing to helm make the app more complete.

* Find out if my solution is interesting.
* Look for bugs.
* Help me find some data I'm missing on DCS.
* Help me improve the program.
* Find an icon.

How the program works:

1/ extract the content of the archive to a new folder of your choice.

2/ copy the content ("Export.lua" and "DCS-XFLIGHT" subfolder) of the "DCStoF4\DCS" folder to : %YourUseraccount%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts for DCS Open Beta and %YourUseraccount%\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts for the stable version

3/ Start Falcon BMS to the Ui (to activate the shared mem) and launch all required cockpit software as if you were setting up for a BMS flight. (UCC, DedCapture V2, Yame64, MFDE, etc.)

4/ launch "DCStoF4.exe"

Start a mission on DCS or DCS Open Beta.

the software is free to use as I am not looking for money, but I also do not want other ppl to use my work and make money on my back.
So please respect my work.

link to download :!Ai2CjfRIh6gzgsQanr3Q9tQkPpDz0A?e=Yw559G

Known issues:

- The RWR keeps symbols in the middle (see next post)
- The eHSI hardly works (see next post)
- For the ADI, the ILS bars do not appear (See next post)

- You need BMS on the main menu for most programs to work (research in progress).

- The DCStoF4 program must be restarted for each mission, it is a temporary measure, hopefully I will get rid of that as the software gets updated in the future

What I need to find out:
(feel free to provide advices if you can)

- DCS: I'm looking for the coordinates of the RWR symbols in DCS
- DCS: I am looking for info about HSI bits in DCS (bearing to station, crs, ...
- BMS: I am looking for the variable to makes the ADI displays the ILS bars in BMS  - it's probably in the HSI bits but I can't find where exactly

Red Dog:

--- Quote from: SharkNoir on July 05, 2021, 09:36:16 AM ---
- BMS: I am looking for the variable to makes the ADI displays the ILS bars in BMS  - it's probably in the HSI bits but I can't find where exactly

--- End quote ---

Might be in FD bits HSI bits, ADI_GS and ADI_LOC for the flags
and probably in FD Vars AdiIlsHorPos & AdiIlsVerPos for the actual needle position I presume.

there's the famous BMS flightdata app in the tools folder that allows you to check these bits and variables

Red Dog:
This is awesome !!

in a blink I reactivated most of my cockpit systems while flying DCS :)
AIC, with most of it working, needles, lights ...
screens, ded

Way to go Sharknoir.
this is a great beginning and You just made my week test flying the DCS viper in the marianas


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