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I got my hands on a CPD and now I need help with hooking it up with BMS 4.35. I installed lightingtools CPD software which lights it up when I enter BMS, but no data is being extracted. Just a static screen.

I also don’t know how to hook it up to a Pokeys (other?) so that I get the buttons and backlighting functioning.

I’m a rookie on this interfacing stuff, so need help.

Some good info here:

I’ve got the same thing. CPD Display working and buttons and rotaries wired to two BBI- 32 Bodnar Boards but no data being transferred or read from BMS. I’m running Lightnings F16CPD v 0_5_8_1 x86.

Hey @VanZeb

I have the same problem as yours. 2 years ago I have bought the CPD from one of the forum members. In the topic below  :

I have asked how to connect the CPD with DB37 breakout board to Leo Bodnar interface card (BU0836X) far I didn't succeed as I haven't got any button response...It would be great if someone could post some pictures how to connect the wires to the DB37 breakout board and Leo Bodnar and/or Pokeys.

Today I tried to connect the Pokeys 57U board (only button matrix) and still is so frustrating and annoying when you don't know how to solve this problem anymore  :stupid:....or I just bought broken CPD...

some extra pics


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