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Red Dog:

Any hints on how to interface a cockpit throttle rail into DCS?
When I fly DCS, my Cougar idle is 80% and I have to go beyond cutoff to actually go to DCS idle.

Basically it's the course of the throttle that does not account for my idle and AB point just like BMS has. (the green and red line on the throttle axis in the BMS UI

Can we do something like that in DCS to ensure one cockpit fits both sim?

Thanks for any input you may have

You can at least adjust your axis in the setup to accomodate for the correct idle-position.
Select the axis in the setup and use the axis-setting tab at the bottom of the screen. Play around a bit, I'm sure you can figure it out.
Don't have my DCS available at the moment.

I also saw a Video once, where a guy showed how to set the AB detend. But thats shit, you have to fuzz around with the curvature of the axis and and and...

Red Dog:
Thanks Korbi.
Not sure I want to do a hack until I'm sure there's no planned solution.

I remember there's a throttle range in Foxy (but I use the same TMJ from BMS to DCS and i'd prefer not to reprogram my Cougar
(my whole pit has the same programming for DCS and BMS regarding inputs so far)

I guess target might have a few possible solution as well but i confess I never used the damn thing :)

Then you understood it wrong RD.
The Axissetup is local to DCS.
You can adjust the axis with a deadzone in the DCS Setup itself.

Red Dog:
Thanks, I'll have a look


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