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You beat me to the punch.  I was going to say the say thing to @Blaze and that is, "please start posting your pictures as Attachments in-line in the post". 
(That goes for all VP members not doing so already.  Not just @Blaze.)

* Click on Attachments and other options  function at the bottom of the Post reply screen.
* Click on the Chose File button.
* Click on Insert Attachment nn to the right of the Attachment.
* Change the word [attach . . . to [attachment . . . if you want to display the picture at full size resolution.
Note: If you display full size, you will want to make sure the image size is not much larger than 1024x768.  Otherwise, just leave the word as [attach . . .  to insert the Thumbnail image which goes to full size when clicked. :whocares:

One other note: 

If you want the image to be displayed in-line full sized (instead of as a thumb-nail that you have to click on), change the word attach to attachment in the BBC code that gets inserted.

 [ attach id=n msg=xxxxxxxx ]

change to

 [ attachment id=n msg=xxxxxxxx ]
Why should VP members "care" and use the above method?

* It stores the image on the VP Web site and therefore will not be lost if your picture web site policy changes or they go away.
* We don't have to look at the soft porn pictures associated with some of these sites.
What are the downsides to this Method?

* Unlike other Forum software, the image is not uploaded when you click Attach.
* This means you can't Preview what the post will look like.
* Instead, you will most likely have to first Post your reply and then go back and Modify it if the picture order, size and locations don't come out like you want.
This downside is something that the folks at SMF Simple Machines (the software in use here on VP) could easily solve with some very simple enhancements to their software.  I'd like to see our Admins reach out to them and have that discussion as I think the above issue is probably why some people don't use the In-line Attachments for pictures.

Requested Enhancement:  (Admins, will one of you please discuss with SMF.)

* Upload attachment file immediately when it is attached with the Chose File button.
(This permits the Preview function to actually show what the Post will look like before it is actually posted.)

* Use the Clear Attachment option to Delete the attachment file from the server.
(This allows the poster to correct mistakes in posting attachments and to delete the unwanted attachment from the Server.)
We now return you to our regularly scheduled program: "The exciting saga of Blaze's Pit".  In his last episode (post), our hero @Blaze, was making some awesome progress on his pit and his audience was going wild with excitement.
 :clap: :clap: 


When you moved my post to this thread something went wrong with the image inline.  There is supposed to be an image showing the menu of a GIMP install where you have to enable old plugins.  It is not showing up and instead says "[ You are not allowed to view attachments ] "

Here's what that image looks like for those that want to install BIMP in GIMP 2.10.x.  Note the red underlined option that must be enabled during the install to allow all old style plugins to work in GIMP 2.10.x  BIMP is one of those old style plugins.
  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  
Maybe they have or will come out with a 64-bit version of BIMP so you don't have to do this.  I haven't tried installing latest GIMP 2.10.x with the latest version of BIMP so I'm not certain if this installation step is still required.  I'm just relaying what I've seen on some GIMP Forum discussions.  Those discussions could be out dated.

Here's some more information taken from a post by @AiRdAncE about all of the options on inline attachments.

* attachment => Show full expanded picture
* attach => Show thumbnail, expandable to full picture
* attachthumb => Show thumbnail ONLY, not expandable
* attachmini => Show thumbnail, expandable to full picture
* attachurl => Shows attachment size, image dimensions, and download count; no pictureExamples:
(Note: There isn't supposed to be a "space" after the leading "[" in the examples below.  I have to insert that space to avoid the forum software from thinking I'm trying to insert a real attachment in this post.)
[ attach={id}][/attach]
[ attach={id},{width}][/attach]
[ attach={id},{width},{height}][/attach]

The {id} part is the index number of your attachments, the first attached image having id number 1, the fifth having number 5 etc.

Allowed parameters:
id   {attachment id}   ID number of the attachment to show inline (NOT attachment number!)
width   {width}   Desired width of image to show.  Valid: positive integers.
height   {height}   Desired height of image to show.  Valid: positive integers.
float   {float}   Floats image to relation to everything else.  Valid: left, right, center
margin   {pixels}   Margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-left   {pixels}   Left margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-right   {pixels}   Right margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-top   {pixels}   Top margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-bottom   {pixels}   Bottom margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
border-style   {style}   Border style.  Valid: none, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset
border-width   {pixels}   Border width around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
border-color   {color}   Border color.  Valid formats: plain text, #xxx, #xxxxxx, rbg(d,d,d)
scale   {answer}   Override scaling of image.  Valid: true, false, yes, no
msg   {msg ID}   Message ID number.  Valid: positive integers.

In each case, {id} is the attachment number relative to the topic, {width} is the max desired width, {height} is the max desired height, {pixels} is the number of pixels surrounding the image, and {float} can be either left, right, or center.  All text between the opening and closing attachment tags is discarded.

I can't make any parameter except {id} work, what should the syntax be? e.g.

--- Code: ---
[ attach=1,100,100][/attach]
--- End code ---
doesn't work. Should I write width=100?


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