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Cockpit skin color


What is the real Skin Color of the f16 tube ?
Is there a paint/Color code  for grey,  and is this an international code so i can buy this in the Netherlands ?

Check my build thread here.

The outside is actually FedSpec 36270 but it is so close to the inside pit color 36231, I used it both inside the pit and outside to avoid buying several different colors.

Pit Colors:
FS36231: Dark Gull Gray – Interior Cockpit & ACES II
FS36270: Medium Gray – Exterior
FS36118: Medium Gunship Gray - Exterior Graphics
FS37038: Flat Black - Glareshield and Canopy Sills

I think @KK has already crossed some of these over to RAL colors.  Also, you can find more info on the FedStd colors here:


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