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Thread for discussion of LHS and RHS Instrument construction using Symulate plans...

Hello Sy,
I just cut a full set of the plans and they look great.
I have just a question.
I have Hispapanels Misc panel, Block 50

And I compared it to Viperpanel's Misc

They both look the same.
But the holes in the Misc Support do not match the panel's
If I match the Bottom ones and the square, the top holes sit off by 5 mm down.
I check the cutted piece with the drawing and they match.
Of course I can hollow the Misc Support to fit anything, leaving only space to match the Panel fixing bolts (Might do that anyway)
Just wondering, you have planned the Misc support for what version of Misc Panel ?

Pedro "HammerPT" Caldeira

If Sy used Mike's (Viperpanels) Light Plates as the template, then there will probably be differences between Mike's/Sy's and the Real and possibly Hisapanels (which may follow the Real Panels as does Martin's awesome components).

Having said that, I'm not sure what Sy used as the source of his drawings.  Maybe he can elaborate.

I can tell you that I have several of the Real Light Plates and Martin's Center Pedestal.  I've found Martin's components match perfectly with the real Light Panels of the same format.  (The only problem is that he needs to update his components to recess the female Hoffman connector into which the Real Lightplate plugs. Otherwise, the LightPlate doesn't sit flush against the Instrument panel.  I used a Dremel Tool to make the recess and the Real Panel now fits perfectly in Martin's MISC panel.)  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the stuff from Martin and many folks need to build their own pit from Sy's plans.

I don't is so much a question of cost as is of fidelity.
Sy is the first to say that its version 1 plans are 2d.
It lacks the accuracy of higher fidelity systems like Martin's. But that is not the intention, I think.
I think he has done an outstanding job with is plans,
And if completed right it allows for a medium fidelity pit.
I just asked about the misc support because he could have designed for a specific panel. But is not a big deal since I will cut it anyway in the medium to top sections to make room for my switches

Thanks again Sy. Great job

Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to run down Sy's work.  Only to point out that you "will" run into differences such as this while building your pit if you are not getting "everything" from a single source. (I don't think that is even possible. At least not yet.)

So we have all had to do a little "Hammer to Form and File to Fit".  Heck, even the real F16's are built by hand and parts from one don't always bolt right into another.



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