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I’ve connected with a pretty awesome guy in some of the Facebook groups.  He’s building a Viper Pit and is genuinely one of the most helpful people I’ve come across in the pit building community.  But, he’s having a hell of a time getting in here.  He has no idea what he’s doing wrong.  Can one of the admins help me help him?  He would definitely be a good add to the forum.  His username is Skiman. 

It is pretty easy to sign up for access-

1) Click on the Registration icon on the home page

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2) Click that you agree to our basic member agreement and that you are at least 12 yrs old

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3) Complete the basic registration information & human verifications, then click "REGISTER" button

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4) Send an email as instructed on the home page to to confirm your email and IP address

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5) Wait for a response from Romanski (in charge of registrations) - usually approved within 1 wk

Please do not ask the ADMINS to circumvent this registration process.
When we have made special exceptions, bad things happen (SPAM / Hackers)

The forum has 23 members awaiting approval, but your friend Skiman is not one of them.
The last membership approvals were issued May 9th and May 15th
There have been no registrations applications for username= "Skiman" this year

It seems they did not complete the registration page which starts the process

Thank you for looking into it.  He’s going to reapply. 


--- Quote from: TacticalRealtor on May 17, 2022, 11:14:07 AM ---Thank you for looking into it.  He’s going to reapply.

--- End quote ---

Yes, looks good, but did he email Romanski after the apply?;topic=12266.0;attach=69074;image

He has reapplied and sent the email. 


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