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John Fredrik:
I did ran into a unexpected problem with my last batch of parts listed in the classifieds.
I did put a time frame on 5 days and the parts was listed in European time frame.

Today , when the time was out I did check the auctions and there was one bidder on the parts.
What I do see now is that the auctions didn't say completed, and the notification PM from the system was also not received.
I did send a PM to the one bidder asking his adresse so I could check shipping costs.

In the meantime another bidder made a bid on one part , and after that the auctions got completed.

How has this happend, is there anything to do with the forum clock?
And, what do I do now?
Got two bidders bidding on the same part , and the one I'v already have made contact to about shipping.

Don't want to offend anyone, but I've never had this issue before in the classifieds.

Admins and John,
Just to shed some light on this situation.  I'm the second bidder on the item John had listed.  On my auction it said that the auction ended at 3:11pm today.  I placed my bid at 2:45pm and it said I was the current high bidder.  I understand there may be a glitch with the time system for bidding.  There was no listing as complete until I checked it after 3:30pm and it said it was Complete and that I was the auction winner and it sent me a message for making a payment.  I hope this helps, please let me know if you need anything else.

Hi check6otis Iám the bidder that is supposed to get all 3 items. The problem is that I did not get the notification that there was another bet after mine. Oh sorry, I did get it but first 8 PM European time and not after your bet. I think that the Classifieds is to blame for when I and the seller checked I was only the one buying. The item you "purchased" was my goal for I could not get it from US because of the DOD restrictions and I tried to find one for at least a year now. I would definitely fight for this one to the last seconds of auction time. Let's see what the Admin will say about this

Kukki handles our Classifieds auctions... so he will be the ADMIN to investigate

FYI, we had completed some updates to the forum website recently... don't know if this had anything to do with this situation

A suggestion. Perhaps relist the items and do a new round of bidding?


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