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Login problem - site not secure


I am having to manually log onto the site every time I visit whereas it used to be automatic... I get a message when I put in my password that says this is not a secure site and someone might see my information ... when I hit the login or continue button the login feature resets itself asking for name and password again... I have to enter the info and then press TAB to bypass the security message and get logged in. The next time I come back to the site I have to login again. Username and password are stored in my browser passwords section and no other login site (BMS for example) has the same problem. I am checking all my settings both here and on my computer but can't clear this problem... I haven't had to manually login for several years so something has changed here or on my computer.

Chk in your url you are using HTTPS and not only HTTP.

Make sure you use HTTPS and then you save your new Favorite, and remember to chk the box "stay logged in" under the palace you type in your password.


and if that dont work you can alsp clear your history and data for VP in your browser.

Thanks Kukki, I think that worked ... I will have to try logging in again in a couple of hours... I checked the URL on my most visited page and sure enough the url was http and not https ... no idea how that got changed... never happened before  ::) ... learn something new every day.

Thanks for your time.

I use an add-on in my browsers called HTTPS Everywhere that makes all addresses/url default to the https protocol, if the protocol is available for that site.  You can also set per-site exeptions in it for sites that will not allow use https, if this becomes problematic.

Very handy add-on, if this function isn't built into the browser you use.


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