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Questions before starting my progress report.

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Hope i´m asking on the right place.

I make some progress building what i´m building, and i think it is time i share what i did so maybe others use it or get ideas. Just like i did with a lot of info here.
My questions are,

- For posting images. Are they stored here en viperpits site, or i have to store them on some other website?
- Can i post images that are stored on my googledrive?.


Please don't store images externally, there is nothing more annoying trying to read a build thread and all the links to external images are dead.
Use the built-in image attachment feature instead please, this way we can all enjoy your images forever.

ok. Good to know.

If the images are stored here, much much better and easier for me. :)

Good, you just have to keep the images under 1 MB per post I think.

Exact… and now we wait for some pics  :vprules:


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