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Red Dog:

I know this is not the right place to post this but unfortunately there is actually no specific room for forum feedback, so here it is and please move this to wherever you guys see fit

I feel the Viperpit needs a little bit of a structural overhaul. here are some suggestion for improvement, feel free to do whatever you want with it :)

- I see many inactive forum. Maybe these could be archived. We have forum with no post for the last 5 or 10 or even 15 years
    In the commercial section, many products are not available anymore...

- I think we could use at least a forum for every sim supporting a F-16. We have A Falcon BMS forum but I'd suggest a DCS forum and maybe an X-plane forum
    In these rooms, ppl might maybe ask specific questions about interfacing their cockpit with these software.
    I do have a question about how to interface the real throttle guide rail with DCS and nowhere to post it :)

- Adding a forum feedback is always IMHO a good idea

- Maybe the homepage could be updated a bit more often?

- Many listed moderators haven't been seen on this forum for decade

- In specific forums, we have sticky topic which are outdated. Some are apparently sticky for no apparent reason.

- The VP forum gravitates (according to my feeling) around two main thing: the WIP topic and the part exchange/sales/auctions.
   That's great but I feel the rest could use a bit more organisation to make life easier on VP users.
   It is IMHO much easier to interact in a forum (and keep it correctly organised) with a up to date forum and well structured.

- As a BMS forum admin, I get many request on BMS with guys who are left with no answer to their fresh account here. I suggest making the new member and anti bot procedure a bit easier for the new users
  Yes many of them don't read the announcement and the fact that they should send an email I agree, but let's face it that procedure is a bit archaic if you ask me :)

- I'm sure there is much more, maybe you guys can add your suggestion in this topic for the admin/mod consideration?

Of course I never suggest work on my pairs without volunteering, so if you feel I can be of any help feel free to ask.
If I was out of line suggesting the above, feel free to send me back in my cave ;)
(But i'd really like to get these other sim forum at least :) )

In addition we need to work on our registrations whoever is in charge of that.  I’m part of several DCS cockpit forums on Facebook and plenty of complaints from guys all stating they have tried to register but can’t.

To all the new generations from what I am reading VP has a very bad reputation as well.  I know we can take that with a grain of salt but maybe something we can do to change that?  I don’t know.

Red Dog,

Maybe send Mike a message.  I know he asked me about a year ago to take over VP but I’m not interested.  You have a lot of experience with forums.  Perhaps you taking over for Mike could be a real positive change.

i agree, i think there is so much good info here we can share, particularly around the f4 to pokeys developments and some of the open 3d modelling stuff that Willy was starting before we lost him. opening up and improving access will push all our projects forward. i would be in favour of including any sim in which i can fly an F-16. (and am not sure we should limit ourselves to first sim was "A-10 silent thunder" and the hog is also dear to my heart.

i think there is a perception that VP is a bit of a closed club because of the difficulty in registration, and the fairly chaotic organisational structure - i wonder if that and the occasional massive fallings out (Hempstead and Viper 44 spring to mind) are responsible for an (in my opinion) unjustified poor reputation. i have always been well supported and treated here, and that goes back to when i joined as a 15 year old. i suspect if this was widely known with a bit of work we would be able to improve this perception.


Great post RD and I agree total.

For the intake to VP, I will now talk with Romanski to hear what is going on, if its to hard the way we do it now.

Basic all are welcome as lomg they can behave, just my 2 cents.

For the maintaince of the forum, I agree we run on an ols system, but it works, but I would love to see more modern system here.

Mike is the head admin, then me and sandman, Romanski, and some old moderator, but they rarely chk in, so yes I could use some help here.

Lets see what Mike have time for, or else we might think of the next step here in 2021.

What I really like is the head/owner/builder of the forun is active.  As it is now I think basic im the only one who is online almost every day, but time is limited to chk. all.

So Gents im open for everything.


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