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Author Topic: Forum Announcement - Conclusion of Pitmeeting 2015 Issues  (Read 2291 times)

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Forum Announcement - Conclusion of Pitmeeting 2015 Issues
« on: February 14, 2015, 07:31:31 PM »
FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT –  PITMEETING 2015 & associated Controversies

We would like to make some announcements, and formally close further discussion of PitMeeting 2015, and the controversies surrounding it…

First, your admin team has been carefully reviewing recent allegations of impropriety by one of our team.  After reviewing all the information submitted to us, we have determined that most of the issues involved private activities and transactions outside of Viperpits.  All parties were contacted and encouraged to work out their differences.  In most cases, the parties have done that, although some have not.  Some warnings and reprimands have been given, but nothing worthy of any dismissal.

At the same time, we have been trying very hard to make it possible for 2015 Pitmeeting to return to being an open-to-all, international meeting, as originally announced.  On multiple occasions, JJ has told us that all the issues have been resolved, and that an open-to-all Pitmeeting would proceed, but a formal announcement never came.  Evidently, the resentment that some felt over these past experiences was too deep to heal, despite our best efforts.

JJ has now officially informed us that Pitmeeting 2015 will remain an "Invitation only" private event, held outside of Viperpits, and went even further, by requesting that we close his Viperpit account.  It is regrettable that people could not reconcile their differences here, and move on.  We have closed JJ's Viperpits account, at his request.  It is time for everyone to let go of past offenses, and return to enjoying our hobby.

For those interested in attending a truly open, international cockpit meeting, CockpitFest 2015 is scheduled in Dallas Texas for Sept 5-6 (announcement to follow shortly). In addition, there have been discussions of organizing an open PitMeeting in Europe for this fall, or next Spring. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have news regarding this event.

This is a forum announcement, and not the start of a topic for comments or further discussion.  Posted here, to provide information to our membership

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